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Verasity ICO Review


Updated 08/16/18

Verasity is a decentralized video sharing and distribution platform, offering easier monetization for content producers.

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Not allowedNorth Korea, Somalia, Yemen, Cayman Islands, US non-accredited investors
Token Price1 VRA = 0.0075 USD

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Verasity ICO Review & Analysis

The video sharing economy is one of the largest growing online markets. The largest beneficiaries, however, are third party platform providers, who benefit from content created and viewers’ attention. Verasity is a next generation video sharing platform, using the blockchain to improve the process for viewers and creators.

What is Verasity?

The value of Verasity comes from providing a streamlined viewing and sharing process, taking power away from corporate intermediaries and into the hands of those who are active in the process. A large piece of the system is Verasity’s “Proof of View” technology, which gives much more accurate attention data, allowing the platform and its participants to fairly benefit from the content’s worth. Proof of View protects against those trying to game the system by using fake views, bots, multiple window/minimized viewing, and more.

The Verasity platform rewards viewers for watching videos, sharing content and more. Viewers have the ability to opt in to viewing advertisements – if they do, they will receive token rewards, benefiting directly from the attention value they create.

For creators, Verasity offers a flexible model, allowing them to share their content with multiple levels of monetization. Creators may wish to make their content available for free, accepting optional donations from viewers. Alternatively, they may adopt a pay-per-view model, a subscription model, or a combination of both. Specifics, such as price, are all up to the creator.

Further to the monetization of channels, the platform features a crowdfunding marketplace, where creators essentially sell shares in their content. They are able to raise money for future projects from the viewers, and the viewers are rewarded with a percentage of future earnings.

Advertisers benefit from the platform by knowing that they are reaching an engaged, legitimate viewer with their impressions. Along with the opt-in advertising, brands may form sponsorship partnerships with content creators, which are facilitated and paid directly through the platform.

The Token

Verasity uses VERA tokens to facilitate all payments, powering an internal economy intended to benefit all parties. Monetization models on current video platforms are not as effective as they could be, and put users’ security at risk when they input credit/debit card info. A token system allows instant, small scale payments (such as tipping), as well as automated payments required to reward viewers. The platform uses a third party to facilitate purchase of VERA tokens, which are held in a dedicated wallet, seamlessly integrated with the video player.

Token sale runs from May 21st to July 11th 2018, with a soft cap of $4M. Hard cap is just over 6 billion VRA, 50% of total token supply. Token price will raise by 1% every day over token sale period.

The Team & Roadmap

The Verasity team, based out of the United Kingdom, features a strong level of corporate experience. CEO and Co-founder David Orman has a background in directorial roles in a number of UK companies, and several of the founding team have experience with video technology.

Development has been ongoing since 2017. The project’s video player is already operational, with a prototype active on their site. Currently the team is working on integrating the token functions to the player, and over Q3-Q4 of 2018 will be developing their native blockchain and migrating both the platform and VERA tokens to their chain. Full release of almost all features is planned for 2019.

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