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Talao ICO Review


Updated 08/03/18

Talao aims to create a decentralized, self-governed marketplace for the freelancing and gig economy.

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Talao Token Sale

07/02/18 - 07/30/18

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Talao ICO Review & Analysis

We are in the middle of a huge rise in the freelancing and gig economy. Many talented individuals prefer the freedom of managing their own work, and companies make use of the freedom to employ workers only for the work required. The problem is that connecting workers and employers takes a third party, which often retains a large amount of profit and control, taking away from the benefits of this employment structure. This is what Talao is working to solve.

What is Talao?

Talao, short of Talent Autonomous Organization, markets itself as a reputation protocol and DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) for freelancing talent around the world. An estimated 100 million workers operate on a freelance basis. Some studies theorise that 50% of workers in American and European markets will be working independently within the next 10 years. Talao wants to protect the control these workers have over their professional profile and earnings.

At a base level, Talao is a freelancing marketplace, similar to Upwork. The Talao Enterprise Freelancing Marketplace offers companies a talent pool to choose from, while offering workers a platform to be connected with potential employers. The key differentiating features of the Talao marketplace are:

  • Certified, blockchain-secured reputation protocols. Freelance workers create their professional profile on the platform, which only they can access. Their profile holds immutable reputation data based on past work, and attestations/certifications that are secure and verified.
  • A DAO governance structure – all decisions and proposals relating to the platform are raised, voted on and approved by those who will be directly affected.
  • Autonomous smart contracts in place for escrow holdings and payments, meaning worker/company partnerships can happen with no middleman and no fees.
  • Token economy to incentivize upkeep and verification of reputation data, as well as escrows and tribunal services to solve disputes.
  • Simple, cryptocurrency-enabled integrated payment systems.

The Token & ICO

The TALAO token, an ERC-20 compliant utility token is used to access the marketplace, unlock a user’s professional reputation profile, and participate in the DAO governance structure. Tokens also fund incentives behind verifying and attesting to profiles and qualifications provided.

The team is running the public ICO from July 2nd-29th, with a soft cap of 5000 ETH and hard cap of 24000 ETH. 67% of the total supply of 150M TALAO is available in the public sale.

The Team & Roadmap

The team behind Talao are based out of France, featuring a mix of individuals with entrepreneurial, startup and fintech experience. The project was initially founded as eMindHub, before renaming to Talao.

  • CEO/co-founder Nicolas Muller has a background in the engineering, manufacturing and aerospace industries, most recently active in consultancy and business development.
  • COO/co-founder Thierry Thevenet co-founded and was CEO of publicly listed digital agency Fi System for 11 years, prior to its acquisition in 2004.
  • Head of Growth/co-founder Denis Lafont-Trevisan worked former in venture capital, and most recently in outsourcing and business growth technology.

The Talao ICO is planned for Q2 of 2018. An alpha version of the platform has been in testing prior to the ICO, and full release is planned for the second half of 2018. A Round B coin offering is planned for Q3 of 2019.

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