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Sparkster ICO Review


Updated 07/19/18

Sparkster is an development platform that allows software to be built by non-programmers, with a decentralized cloud platform designed to support 10 million TPS.

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07/07/18 - 07/09/18

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Sparkster ICO Review & Analysis

Programmers can be hard to find. Often individuals or companies will be limited in bringing their ideas to life, because they lack the technical knowledge to bring a take a concept and make it into a complete working product. Sparkster allows these ideas to come to fruition, but a software development platform taking code input in plain English, supported by a remote cloud capable of 10 million TPS.

What is Sparkster?

Sparkster addresses two of the biggest barriers to wide blockchain adoption – accessibility and scalability.

What you get with the Sparkster platform is a development ecosystem that is opened to everyone. Good developers are hard to source, even harder when you’re talking about blockchain development. On top of that, programming hours are expensive, and lengthy, even for seasoned devs. With Sparkster, you have an easy to use “drag and drop” interface for building programs. The platform uses plain English, no complicated coding languages. Their model not only opens up software development to those with no programming background, it also allows more experienced developers to create programs in a shorter space of time, saving businesses a significant amount long-term.

Software developed on the platform are hosted and deployed via the Sparkster Decentralized Cloud. Supported by a network of mining nodes, the specialized blockchain network uses sharding and zero knowledge proofs to ensure the privacy of information kept on the chain, and allowing horizontal scalability necessary to support widespread use. The team claims that the network will eventually scale to 10 million TPS.

Sparkster’s blockchain is dedicated to cloud computing, so will not support native payment execution. Therefore, the network is being designed for multi-chain interoperability, in order to facilitate payments on Sparkster-developed programs. Initial integration will be allowed with Ethereum and IOTA, and future support is planned for NEO, Cardano and Stellar.

The Sparkster ICO & Token

The platform’s SPARK token represents the reward for miners, providing the nodes that allow the Sparkster decentralized cloud to operate. SPARK is also used for platform subscription fees, and facilitating an internal economy wherein authors can publish software or software components and receive compensation.

The Sparkster ICO has a fundraising goal of US$30 million, which will be 67% of the 290,000,000 SPARK in circulation. ICO softcap sits at US$5 million. No concrete date is set for token sale yet, though it is expected for July 2018.

The Team & Roadmap

The Sparkster ICO team, based out of India, features a heavy team of developers. 16 developers/engineers are listed on their site, not including members of the leadership team. Founder and CEO Sajjad Daya has worked in technical and business development for several organizations, most recently Syncoms, a multinational corporation focused on eCommerce solutions.

As of mid-2018, the team has a testnet operating at over 50,000 TPS. They plan to rollout the platform for wider release over the second half of 2018, with public alpha of the decentralized cloud planned for Q4. The main milestone left after this point is the integration of NEO, Cardano and Stellar support in 2019.

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