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Updated 08/15/18

PLACTAL is a data-driven advertising platform for mobile gaming, built on the EOS blockchain.

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PLACTAL ICO Review & Analysis

Mobile gaming is taking off in a big way – the market is estimated to have generated $46.1 billion in 2017, growth of 19.3% on the previous year. A result of the industry’s growth and the massive amount of money circulating is a proportionate increase in ad spend. PLACTAL is developing an EOS dApp to incentivize the flow of data between players, makers and advertisers, and allow players a slice of the massive advertising profits set to be generated.

What is Plactal?

Data is key in advertising. A massive amount of potential gameplay data is lost out on due to the fact that no systems are in place to collect it. Advertisers and game developers miss out on massively useful data, and gamers miss out on the opportunity to profit off the data they create. PLACTAL’s goal is to capture this data.

The platform introduces PLACTAL PLAY, a mobile app users can install and begin generating data from their mobile gaming. Once installed, users play games as normal, and update their data to a personal resume held on the blockchain. Generating and contributing data will generate tokens for the user. The more they play and the more data generated, the higher the value of the gamer’s resume. A better resume will be more sought after from advertisers, allowing the user to generate more rewards.

The second element introduced is the PLACTAL Ad-Console. This is an advertising tool designed specifically for use on the platform, where companies can create targeted, effective campaigns towards gamers. Companies use the console to for secure token distribution, with low latency afforded by the EOS network. Eventually the platform will look to introduce artificial intelligence tools to allow better, more efficient use of gameplay data.

The Token & ICO

Two tokens are introduced as part of the platform. PLACTAL tokens or PLT are EOS standard tokens, used by companies to purchase ads and run campaigns, and to facilitate the exchange of value between gamers and game companies. GEM tokens are exclusive within the PLACTAL ecosystem, used to reward gamers’ activity, as well as efforts contributing to platform growth – referrals, social activities. GEM tokens can be exchanged to PLT to allow liquid rewards for gamers.

ICO for public sale of PLT tokens is planned for Q2 of 2018. 1 billion PLT will be created, with 40% available for the initial offering. 20% is allocated for the development team, 10% for early investors and advisors, and 30% held in reserve for future platform use. The ICO hardcap is set at 30,000 ETH.

The Team & Roadmap

The development team is based out of South Korea, featuring 11 listed members. Project lead is Charlie Kim, previously CEO at app company Ladybug. Kim comes with 15 years’ experience in the mobile industry. Of the remaining members, the majority come from backgrounds in tech startups.

Significant advisors include Jonathan Chou (co-founder/CEO of The Bee Token), Eddy Travia (co-founder/CEO of Coinsilium) and Eile Galam (Eastmore Group CIO and founder of Panorama Partners).

The project has been in development since mid-2017. The PLACTAL PLAY pilot is set for completion in Q2 2018, around the same time as the ICO. The team is planning alpha release combined with closed beta testing in Q3, and official launch of PLAY in Q4. The ad-console is planned for closed beta in Q1 2019 and official launch in Q2.

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