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Updated 08/15/18

GAMB is a self-governing, decentralized eCommerce ecosystem and marketplace.

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Token Price1 GMB = 0.0287 USD (0.00010000 ETH)

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GAMB ICO Review & Analysis

E-Commerce is taking off in a big way in today’s economy. However there is a growing problem of centralized platforms dominating the market, and therefore having a large degree of control over how individual merchants operate. 83% of all product searches come from either Amazon or Google. Add in Facebook and Apple, and there is very little territory in e-commerce not touched by a “big four” corporation. GAMB wants to disrupt this.

What is GAMB?

GAMB is looking to create a decentralized e-commerce marketplace, governed by its users as opposed to a centralized body. The decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) format empowers merchants to make decisions regarding features, services, costs and fee structures. Decisions are made in the interest of the merchants themselves, not a corporation trying to profit and grow their brand.

The project is built off the back of Gambio – an open-source e-commerce platform currently operating mostly in Europe, with 25,000 active merchants and $2.8 billion in shop revenue generated in 2017. The team from Gambio will provide the foundation for the marketplace, which is planned to evolve into a fully self-sustaining ecosystem.

Further features of the platform include:

  • Supporting marketing and traffic generation from its merchants, through an inclusive product catalogue and customer incentives for established traffic sources and customers with a high basket value.
  • Incentivization for buyer/merchant ratings, with a weighting system based on the user’s credibility.
  • Buyer protection covering purchases of physical goods, and extending to services and virtual purchases.
  • Sharing of “big data” generated on the platform among participating merchants, while protecting and empowering buyers’ privacy where necessary.

The Token & ICO

The GAMB token economy is a key part of the platform. The GMB token’s primary use is to allow membership to the GAMB merchant alliance, allowing merchants to have voting rights and the abillity to present proposals.

GMB token use then extends to incentivization features – affiliate and referral programs for users driving traffic to the marketplace. It allows merchants access to third party tools, certified suppliers and advertisement channels, and reward/loyalty systems. Finally, GMB is also used for marketplace payments and fees.

Tokens available for sale in the GAMB ICO make up 35% of the total supply (5 billion GMB). The ICO has a soft cap of $5 million and hard cap of $30 million. 10% of token supply is allocated for the team, 5% for advisors.

The Team & Roadmap

Coming from an established and operating company, the team already has 56 employees, a large percentage of whom are involved on the development side. Key members of the executive team are:

  • Luis Krug, CEO – experienced in the running of e-commerce businesses since the age of 25, Krug has significant involvement in the EU e-commerce industry, including running Barcelona-based Incubator INCUBOUT.
  • Andre Münnich, CFO – former CEO of German tech company fayteq AG, as well as CEO of accounting firm Rapid Venture Accounting.
  • Emrah Hizarci, CTO – long-time e-commerce tech and SaaS architect. Also a partner at INCUBOUT.

GAMB ICO is planned for Q3 in 2018, an upon completion they plan to begin registering merchants for the marketplace. Open beta of the product search engine MVP is planned for Q4 release, with marketplace API released in early 2019. The team hopes to have the GAMB marketplace 1.0 released by Q4 2019, at which time the focus will fall on onboarding and expansion, primarily throughout Europe.

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