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Doctor Smart ICO Review


Updated 07/19/18

The Doctor Smart ecosystem aims to provide full transparency in healthcare, combined with worldwide access to medical services.

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07/30/18 - 08/30/18 (40 days left)

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Doctor Smart ICO Review & Analysis

Sourcing healthcare advice can be hard. People need to make appointments, wait for a long time to be seen, and then aren’t guaranteed to receive the best advice when they finally make it in front of a doctor. Not to mention, many of the population are prevented from receiving consultation by geographical or economic barriers. Doctor Smart makes it possible for everyone, everywhere to benefit from a transparent healthcare system.

What is Doctor Smart?

The main focus of Doctor Smart’s platform is to make an impact in the growing telemedicine market.

Telemedicine involves remote treatment, consultation or diagnosis. Think of going on WebMD – only you interact with a real person. This is an important step forward for healthcare, as the process of going into a clinic and seeing a specialist in person is lengthy, expensive, and often stops people from seeking advice. The implications can be serious, as many conditions are easily treatable if caught early.

With Doctor Smart, individuals can access medical advice 24/7, within minutes of inquiry. The platform supports video and voice calls, with a collection of trusted specialists in a number of fields. Patients use a mobile app with which they can input symptoms, choose the area of care they require, and with the aid of intuitive AI, be put in touch with a specialist. Digital prescriptions can even be issued through the platform if required.

In order to make this system work, Doctor Smart will partner with a number of healthcare institutions:

  • Medical clinics, who will provide certified, trusted professionals for consultations on the platform.
  • Laboratories, to conduct tests and scans for the patient if necessary.
  • Insurance companies, who will include policies for Doctor Smart users.
  • Wellness centers: for less serious cases, users will be able to consult professionals for advice on fitness, nutrition and more. Think easy access to a personal trainer or nutritionist, as well as the ability for these professionals to reach a wider base of clients.

The platform is supported by blockchain infrastructure, which provides the security necessary for patients and specialists to have trusted interactions, satisfying medical privacy regulations.

The Token & ICO

Doctor Smart Time Tokens (DSTT) can be used on the platform, as a payment method for transactions, as well as unlocking additional services and privileges for users. Fiat payments are possible too, though using DSTT allows discounted costs for the user.

The project’s ICO has a hardcap of US$50 million, and a softcap of $5 million, operating in a token offering mid-2018. Of total token supply, 57% will be available for public sale, and 19% reserved for the team (2 year linear vesting, unlocking 25% of the tokens every 6 months).

The Team & Roadmap

The team is based out of Russia, and is co-founded by Pavel Roytberg and Vladimir Nikolsky. Roytberg, who holds a PhD in Economics, has been involved in software development for the healthcare industry for over 20 years, and is a member of the Board of Directors for Medicina, a clinic in Moscow.

As their ICO is set to begin, the Doctor Smart team have a basic version of the platform complete and available for viewing already. They hope to have a functional blockchain platform launched in Q3 of 2018. Initial launch will be in Russia, and over 2019-2020 will expand across the EU, into Asia, and finally North/South America.

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