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Updated 08/04/18

Carboneum is a social trading platform, allowing people to follow and copy the trading activities of top crypto traders and influences.

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Carboneum Token Sale

06/25/18 - 07/07/18

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Token Price1 C8 = 0.0783 USD (0.00016667 ETH)

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Carboneum ICO Review & Analysis

Beginning to trade and invest in cryptocurrency can be a daunting process, as serious trading requires a knowledge base, which takes a long time to develop. The best way to grow one’s knowledge base is to learn from other successful traders, which is why Carboneum have created their social trading platform.

What is Carboneum?

Social networks have already had a huge impact on the cryptocurrency space, allowing many influencers to make crypto trading a full-time occupation thanks to their followers. Still, there is much more potential for what we can achieve socially in cryptocurrency.

Carboneum creates a dedicated platform for traders to share their activity to followers, and followers to copy or take influence from that activity in trades of their own. The trader (known as the “leader”) provides their account to Carboneum, at which point all activity is tracked by the protocol. Followers can choose to set up a smart contract that automatically copies the leader’s trades, set up customized stop-loss orders, or just take an influence from the leader and manually trade themselves. Followers executing trades through the platform are charged a fee for positive trades, but not on trades that result in a loss.

Leaders are rewarded in fees from trades executed by their followers. The system allows experienced traders to make even bigger gains on their trades, as their successful trades not only net the initial benefit, but a percentage from those following their actions on Carboneum. Leaders also benefit from having a dedicated platform to broadcast on, helping achieve better organic growth of their personal profile in the crypto space.

The project is based on the foundation of StockRadars, a stock trading and analytic protocol developed by the same team. Carboneum is built on the ICON blockchain, an open protocol that is intended to be able to be integrated with a wide range of existing exchanges and trading platforms.

The Token & ICO

The Carboneum token (C8) is the utility token of the platform. Trading fees and costs for premium services can be paid in multiple currencies, but using C8 will allow users significant discounts.

Public ICO is set to run from 25 June – 8 July 2018. There is a fixed supply of 200 million C8, of which 120 million (60%) are available for public sale. The sale has a soft cap of $1.2 million, and a hard cap of $12 million. ICON and ETH are both accepted in fundraising.

The Team & Roadmap

The project is based out of Thailand, and as mentioned earlier is developed by the same team that operates StockRadars, a project which has won several awards in Asia/Thai tech showcases. While the team only features five core members listed on the site, they have a development partnership with ICON. 13 advisors are featured, including prominent names in Thai finance and fintech.

The first major features are planned for release in October 2018, in the form of CoinRadars, a crypto information and analytics platform. Pre-launch of the Carboneum social trading platform is planned for Q1 of 2019, with full launch in Q2.

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